Our mission is to provide inspiration, guidance and deals to anyone who wishes to travel and explore. We think it is hard to find all the information one needs to explore the destination of choice and thus we want to solve that by becoming an integrated source for each destination we cover.


We believe travel changes our bodies, minds and relationships for the better. Thus travel and inspiring travel makes the world a better place. 

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Fell in love with Prague just like every

Prachi Agarwal

Founder, Ala Local 


I found my love for travel during our honeymoon trip to Belize. Scoring on great travel deals and meticulously organizing the 5 day trip to do as much as we could was something I enjoyed alot. So far, I have covered 33 countries so far and hope to continue expanding the list! My goal is to share some of these tips and tricks with my readers so that they can experience what I have.


Ankit Premrajka

Advisor, Ala Local 

I found my love for travel during my first Euro trip to Italy. I remember learning so much about the Italian culture just by one trip. So far, I have covered 31 countries and can't wait to explore more. I want to help shape Ala local into a sustainable business so we can share great content with our readers for as long as possible.