Cinque Terre

Travel Guide 

Prachi Agarwal 

Updated on 22nd June 2019

Cinque Terre is a set of five iconic villages nestled on the beautiful Italian Riviera. These centuries old villages are mostly car-free and easily accessible from Pisa, Genoa and Florence! Each of the village is superbly well connected to each other via train rides <10 mins or scenic hiking paths (open in summer).

Best time to visit 

May, September

When the crowds are bearable & the weather still warm. 

Approximate Cost

$1200 - $2000 per couple

Depends on where you are flying from & accommodation preferences.

Top Experiences

Scenic, Romance, Culture

People who love nature, hiking, Italian food and culture, wines etc.

Best places to stay 


Monterosso (for kids or with car)



Visas & languages

Italian, English

Getting to Cinque Terre 

Best way to get to Cinque Terre is flying in to Florence/Pisa/Genoa and then taking the train to La Spezia or direct to Monterosso depending on preference and availability.  If traveling during high season, you can save money by staying at La Spezia, a destination you need to get to, before you reach Cinque Terre.  Get the Cinque Terre train/hike ticket online and avoid crazy long lines.


The best town to stay at is Manarola. It has less tourists than Vernazza but still is a gorgeous town. If you have kids or have a car, head to Monterosso. Monterosso has many beaches and is car friendly. 

Places on Google Map

We recommend you to definitely do the red colored spots

Top things to do



  • Manarola Sunset

  • Vernazza harbour

  • Hike from Vernazza to Monterosso, requires cinque terre card

  • Pesto making in Nessun Dorma, Manarola

  • Go for a dip in a beach in Monterosso.

  • Local churches

​  EAT       


  • Nessun Dorma pesto & wine

  • Cannoli Focaccia at Batti' Batti'

  • Gelato at Gelateria Vernazza

  • Cannoli in Manarola

  • Fresh Fish at Trattoria dal Billy

  • Fried fish in cone at Il Pescato Cucinato

  • Fine dining at Miky, Monterosso

​      SHOP      

  • Local Cinque Terre white wine

  • Pesto

  • Italian Spices