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Prachi Agarwal 

Updated on 2nd July 2019

Iceland is a magical place. Jon Snow's favorite country to shoot at. GOT fans, remember “beyond the wall” scenes?

Iceland is the perfect place to run away from crowds, pollution (sound/air) and chaos. I personally remember being in total awe for the entire five days I was there. Fresh oxygen, raw nature, miles and miles of roads to ourselves: total bliss. Iceland isn't easy to plan; it has so much to offer! Geysers, waterfalls, ice caves, northern lights, volcanoes, rainbow mountains, just rainbows, black sand beaches, glaciers, heck diamond's got it all. 

Best time to visit 

April to October

For northern lights & ice caves, pick April or October.

Approximate Cost


$2k-$4k per coupledepends on where you are flying from & the duration.

Top Experiences

Scenic, Adventure, Solitude

People who love nature, exploring, & are okay with cold weather.

Best places to stay 

Reykjavik, Vik


Króna (kr)

1 Euro is approx 140 Icelandic krona

Visas & languages

Icelandic, English

Getting to Iceland 

Places on Google Map


Top things to do

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