Prachi Agarwal 

Updated on 15th July 2019

Out of all European cities, London seems to be the most cosmopolitan and exciting. Sure it is touristy, sometimes too touristy; but that will not stop someone from having alot of fun. There are activities for kids, grandparents, couples, you name it. Because London has so much to offer, it would be smart to plan your trip in advance. It's hard to get last minute tables or tickets to a theatre in London. It's best to avoid London in July (or even June and August) because it's really busy with tourists. Weather is unpredictable in London so better to pack an umbrella and an extra jacket.

Best time to visit 

May, September, December

It's best to avoid the crowds in summer. London is fantastic during December with it's winter wonderland, Christmas decor. 

Approximate Cost


~$3k per coupledepends on where you are flying from & the duration.

Top Experiences

Cosmopolitan, Touristy

London is one city that can suit everyone's taste. It has history, culture, shopping, activities,  great dining etc. 

Best places to stay 

Soho, Covent Garden, Leicester Square 


Pounds, £

1 Pound is approx 1.26 US dollar

Visas & languages


Getting to London


Top things to do

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